Thursday, March 15, 2012

Expected wait times extended... *sigh*

Today we got an eMail from our agency that the projected wait times for an infant have been extended to 18-24 months now.

Deducting our 7 months that we have already waited since DTE, this means we will most likely have to wait for another 11-17 months before we get a referral.

The projected wait times may change again - you never know with international adoption. Things may speed up, or they may (more likely) slow down. The hold-up is in the rate at which the Ethiopian government is processing cases and clearances for the children.

My initial reaction is to feel discouraged, but at the same time, we knew from the beginning that international adoption is unpredictable. We hold fast to the knowledge that God's hand was in WHEN we began this journey, and HE has just the right little girl in mind for us. Our daughter will come into our lives in God's perfect timing!

~Just think, how special our little girl must be, that God would have us wait for her for such a long time!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

7 months waiting since DTE!

Has it been this long already? We applied to AWAA's Ethiopia program a year ago, and sent our dossier to Ethiopia 7 months ago.

It has been encouraging to see how many AWAA families have been getting referrals (for children of both genders, infants and older kids!), passing court, and passing Embassy lately. Things are moving slowly but steadily. As they say in the military: slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!

~It is strange to wonder whether our faraway daughter has been conceived yet. I'm praying for her and for her first mother...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fundraising Goal has been reached - THANK YOU!

I can't believe I'm announcing this more than a year out from when we expect a referral:

... *drum roll*...


I feel so blessed by God's provision, and am so thankful to everyone who has helped us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Now what?!
Have no fear, our hands will not be idle:
-I am going to continue selling my art on Etsy, and 20% of my Etsy earnings will go directly to buying formula and diapers etc. for the orphanages in Ethiopia. We will bring the money with us when we travel to ET to meet our daughter, and will buy everything locally, to support the Ethiopian economy at the same time.

-I am very happy to help other adopting families fund raise with my art. Don't be shy to contact me!

~We are ready for you, sweet girl! I can't wait for you to come into our lives and make our family complete!