Thursday, August 15, 2013

24 months since DTE... goodness, it's been 2 years!!!

August 12, 2013 marks 24 months since our dossier went to Ethiopia! Can you imagine?! That's 2 whole years of waiting!

I really wish we had some news - but at this point we are still 'just' waiting. Things are moving forward, slowly, at all stages: families are receiving referrals here and there, many families are going to their court appointments in Ethiopia, and the Embassy is clearing families for travel, so children are coming home.

We have no idea how much longer it will be for us. There are still quite a few families ahead of us, and with the rainy season's court closures in Ethiopia everything slows down a little more until October.

A lot of our paperwork expires soon, so we will have to go on another document hunt in a few months... which means a lot of work and a bit of extra expense. We know it is worth it, and will do it cheerfully.

This wait is so very long, but we are hanging in there. Life is good, and we experience God's blessings every day. I love seeing pictures of children who have been united with their families and are coming home - and I hold onto God's promise of a daughter. The knowledge that God has a good plan for our family gives me strength to continue waiting for as long as it takes!