Monday, March 17, 2014

31 months waiting since DTE

I missed our 31-month-wait-aversary. Oops. On March 12 we have waited 31 months. That's one heck of a long wait... and we anticipate waiting for quite a bit longer. 

Today I am praising God because a few families in our agency just got referrals. They are about 6 months ahead of us on the wait list. This does not necessarily mean we will get a referral in 6 months, but it does give me hope that we will have a sweet little face to look forward to within this year.

All our documents are expiring, so in April I will have to start updating our paperwork. While not quite as involved as the initial dossier, it is a LOT of work to get all the documents.

We continue to pray for our daughter's family, and for our little girl, wherever she is right now. We don't know if she is born yet, but we are praying that her mind and her body are covered in God's protection and love.