Wednesday, September 12, 2012

13 months since DTE!

Huh, this last month actually kind of zipped by me! We sent our dossier to Ethiopia 13 months ago!

Today my kids were pretty whiny, and while I was talking to them, I almost had to giggle, because some of the things I was telling them TOTALLY apply to our wait.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who on the inside sometimes feels like doing one of those whiny-jumping-up-and-down-waving-arms-making-whiny-noises-dances we see our kids doing...? (Ok, folks, don't leave me hanging here... I TOTALLY know I'm not the only one!)

While telling my 2-year-old that throwing a fit hasn't really gotten anyone anywhere, I realized that I really need to stop throwing an internal fit. I mean, seriously. God totally KNOWS what he is doing, and AWAA totally KNOWS what they are doing, and it really is out of my hands when things happen. So why on earth am I feeling whiny?

While telling my 6-year-old that it is ok to feel mad inside, and that it is ok to feel sad, but that HE is responsible for what he does about it... I was totally reminded that yes, I can acknowledge my feelings of frustration and sadness about the wait, but that I AM responsible for my actions, and that I can DECIDE to make the best out of the wait!

Also, while having my kids repeat their request for a snack in a non-whiny and non-rude tone... I was reminded (and I don't think I have mis-stepped in this manner YET) that we need to keep in mind that our social worker and family coordinator are TOTALLY on our side, and that we need to be kind and patient and polite with them, too! So, when I am feeling whiny and demanding, can someone please bop me over the head with one of those green flotation noodle things, and remind me that I need to ask nicely? :)

This long wait sucks. Have I mentioned that it sucks? I would love to get a call TOMORROW that we have a referral (totally not going to happen yet for a long time). BUT do you know what? God is bigger than my selfish little ideas about timing. He is bigger than my impatience, and he is definitely bigger than any hold-ups with paperwork. Don't lose hope, guys!

One final challenge: Let's use our time wisely. Don't check the yahoo group page every hour (*cough*) to see if there is news. I for one am going to *try to* only check it once every few days. When there IS news, I will totally be cheering! But don't take precious time away from your husband/wife/kid(s)/friends by checking yahoo and then having another one of those whiny-jumping-up-and-down-waving-arms-making-whiny-noises-dances fit when there is no news.

Did I make you smile just a little? I sure hope so!