Sunday, July 14, 2013

23 months waiting since our Dossier arrived in Ethiopia...

Last week was a busy, busy week, with Vacation Bible Extreme at our church and a whole slew of projects and commitments. I zoomed right past our 23-month date - oops!

Happy 23-months-waiting to us. It is good to know we are getting closer... right now the families who are getting referrals have been waiting for about 27-28 months, so we will be within the window of possibility soon-ish!

Life is busy, and it's (almost) easy to forget sometimes that we are waiting... and waiting... and waiting for our little girl. We remind ourselves to pray for the other families who are waiting, or who already have a referral. We also pray for our daughter (whoever she may be), for her birth family, and for everyone she will encounter on her way into our arms!