Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 months since DTE!

This past month just flew by! Today we have been waiting for 8 months since sending our dossier to Ethiopia.

This also means that we have been waiting for 13 months since we first started our adoption! 

We are encouraged by all the progress we have been seeing in our agency - lots of referrals, including several infant girls, lots of families passing court, and lots of families coming home with their kids after passing Embassy. The wait time between referral, court date, and Embassy has also gotten shorter, at least if everything goes smoothly. 

We haven't been announcing our position in line because so much can change as families change their requests etc. but I have had a few requests to at least mention our position. So: We are now at position #49 on the unofficial wait list ~ that is definitely progress from where we started, slow but steady. Keep in mind that not all 48 families ahead of us are exclusively requesting an infant girl - some are requesting either gender, some are requesting girls from 0-4 years etc... so they may "skip" out of our line sooner than anticipated because they might get a referral for an older child or an infant boy. There are currently 14 or so families ahead of us who are exclusively requesting an infant girl. At the current rate, we may have a referral this time next year, possibly sooner... we have to remind ourselves that possibly the wait could also become longer. Getting a referral TOMORROW would be fine with me, but obviously we will wait for however many months or years we need to! God knows exactly which little girl will become our daughter. We trust HIS perfect timing, even when our hearts become impatient at times. 

I have really enjoyed looking at the photos other families from our agency are posting of their cute kidlets. I can't wait to have a sweet little face to look at, and then a sweet little girl to love on!