Monday, March 23, 2015

Referral! Referral! Referral!

After 1319 days (43.5 months) of waiting, we got THE CALL today from our agency!!!! We have a daughter! 

She is 16 months old and SOOOOO cute. We can't share pictures of her until after we have passed court, but here is her little hand.


We are so excited and happy!

It will take several more months before we get to travel to meet her, and then several more weeks or months after that before we get to bring her home... so the wait is far from over. However, being able to see her little face makes the wait SO much more rewarding!

We have a daughter!!!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! I know you have been waiting for such a long time and I'm so happy for your family. Here's hoping that the time to travel to meet her goes by quickly! What a joy and blessing!


  2. So excited for you!!!!!! YAY!!!