Saturday, March 14, 2015

...yep, still waiting....

There is no speck of doubt in my mind that THE CALL (aka, our referral call) will come at just the time it is supposed to be, for the exact little girl who is supposed to become our daughter.

However, knowing this does not necessarily make WAITING any easier. I keep reminding myself that many good things in life are worth waiting for - but I still may (or may not) be going very a little bit crazy waiting. Among other things, today I sorted 3 bins of mixed crayons/ colored pencils/ markers into 3 nicely organized bins, 1 each of markers, crayons, and colored pencils. You know, because that DEFINITELY needed to be done. Not only that, but I tested every single marker, and discarded the ones that were dried up.

Anyway, to put a bit of a humorous spin on the fact that we are still waiting, I drew this little cartoon. If you click on it, it should enlarge in your browser, so you can see it better.

For all my lovely family and friends, THANK YOU for putting up with the little bit of crazy I might be exhibiting lately. I hope promise that I will return back to fairly normal at some point in the near future!

On a side note, I am fully aware that waiting is exponentially harder for our daughter. My heart and arms ache to hold her, and I know that yearning to be held and loved must be so much more difficult for our daughter, because she probably doesn't understand what is going on right now.

In the meantime... we pray... and wait... and stare at the phone WILLING it to start ringing with that 703 area code... and wait some more.

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